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Please follow this webinar series on current topics linked to human rights to water and sanitation. The launch webinar on 3rd June provided a platform to introduce the new virtual organisation, with an introduction from the President, Dhesigen Naidoo, and CEO, Amanda Loeffen.  With guest panellists from OHCHR, WHO and WSSCC, it captured the essence of the link between the current pandemic and the need to reinforce our rights to water, sanitation and health.

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The Importance of a Human Rights Based Approach to IWRM

2nd September 2020, 14:00h CETWatch the Webinar

Hosts: Max Campos, Chief of IWRM at OAS and Board Member at Human Right 2 Water, and Amanda Loeffen, Chief Executive at Human Right 2 Water.

Experts: Jenny Grönwall (SIWI), Dhesigen Naidoo (WRC), Diana Suhardiman (IWMI), Themba Gumbo (CapNet), Fabiola Tábora (GWP), Geraldine Gene (Human Right 2 Water).

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is a process which promotes the coordinated development and management of water, land, and related resources in order to maximise economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems and the environment. The Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) provides a process and a legal methodology for inclusion of all people, for non-discrimination, participation, sharing of data, and accountability.  By taking into account the needs and rights of all vulnerable groups, and including them in the decision-making process, a sustainable solution is more likely to be supported.

This webinar examines some of the tools and case studies behind this approach, pulling on experts in human rights, water governance and IWRM from different parts of the world. We hope to share some of the thinking behind the HRBA and encourage more inclusive management of water rights.

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People-first PPPs and a Human Rights-Based Approach for SDG 6

5th August 2020, 13:00h CETWatch the Webinar

Introduction: Anand Chiplunkar, Board Member, Human Right 2 Water

Experts: Olcay Ünver (Vice-Chair, UN-Water), Klas Moldéus (UN-Water), Patricia Lopez (Sr. Infrastructure Finance Specialist, World Bank), Geoffrey Hamilton (Chief of International PPP Centre of Excellence, UNECE), Irina Tsay (Regional Project Manager, SOS Children’s Villages), Neil Dhot (Executive Director, AQUAFED), Amanda Loeffen (Chief Executive, Human Right 2 Water).

In the race to realise the 2030 Agenda, the need for Public-Private Partnerships is recognised as essential to realise SDG 6, and yet people are still being left behind. The principles of a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) are not automatically included in the design and implementation stages of new projects.

This webinar examines the interlink between People-first Public-Private Partnerships (Pf-PPP) and the need for a Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA).

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10 Year Celebration of the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation, and the Importance of Including it in National Law and Policy

1st July 2020, 15:00 CETWatch the Webinar

Experts: Blanca Jimenez (CONAGUA), Léo Heller (Special Rapporteur on human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation), Sergio Campos (IDB), Maureen Mwadime (Kenya KHRC), Callum Clench (IWRA), Amanda Loeffen (CEO, HR2W) as moderator

Recognition in law and policy is a crucial step towards the national realisation of safe and sustainable access to water and sanitation to all. Countries such as Mexico, are taking the lead by integrating these rights further into national water plans and policies such that there is a real change in access. Kenya also has developed a framework for the Human Rights to water and sanitation and is looking for ways to monitor the data more efficiently.

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Emergency responses linking Corona pandemics (COVID 19) and human rights to water and sanitation

3rd June 2020, 14:00 CET Watch the Webinar

Introduction : Dhesigen Naidoo, President of Human Right 2 Water

Experts: Sharmila Murthy (HRWS expert, Board Member HR2Water), Rio Hada (OHCHR), Bruce Gordon (WHO), Raya Stephan (international water law), Enrico Muratore (WSSCC, human rights), Amanda Loeffen (CEO, HR2W) as moderator

Implications of COVID 19 are terrible for everyone, but especially difficult for the poorer sections of society that might not have access to clean running water for drinking and hand washing and facilities for general hygiene. This webinar brings together a selection of experts from the Board of Human Right 2 Water with leaders from the human rights sector to give their opinion and to discuss opportunities for emergency response solutions.

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A world where all people realise the human rights to water and sanitation

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