Human Right 2 Water Membership

We had our second AGM this July 13th 2022, at 14h-16h CET. All members were welcome to attend by invitation. The agenda included an overview of the strategy, programmes and budgets for the coming years, a review of technical projects by the Expert Committee, and the voting in of new Board Members.

Membership Application Form Here

We welcome experts and organisations that support the progressive realisation of the human rights to water and sanitation and invite you to join our membership.

Membership provides the following benefits:

  1. Regular updates on progress in these crucial human rights
  2. Invitations to participate in research programmes, joint projects and webinars
  3. Access to our network of friends through the membership, with opportunities to be a Country Coordinator (see below for more details)
  4. Visibility on our website as a member
  5. Potential to join the Expert Committee to further strategic thinking and advocacy

To become a member of Human Right 2 Water, the individual or organisation must demonstrate specialised knowledge or interest in realising the human rights to water and sanitation. 

Any physical person or legal entity may become a member if they have demonstrated their dedication to the goals of the Association through their commitments or actions.

Membership is open to everyone, at the discretion of the Board, according to the following criteria, and following the guidance included in the organisation’s By-Laws:

  1. Founding members, defined as members involved in the organisation from the beginning
  2. Active members, current members that are divided into Ordinary and Corporate
  3. Honorary members, defined as individuals with special status based on superior knowledge and experience, and that are not expected to pay membership fees
  4. Associate members, defined as young (under 30) or student members interested in learning and sharing information about human rights to water and sanitation

There is currently no charge for individual membership although there is a graduated charge for institutions (exemption may be granted).

Table 1: Shows Categories of Members

  • *Country Programmes are currently being piloted in four countries (South Africa, Kenya, Pakistan and Costa Rica), with opportunities for members to work closely with their local National Human Rights Institution and local sponsor (institutional members) to benefit from a training programme and workshop tools such that that they can strengthen national laws, policies and standards in line with the human rights to water and sanitation. Please get in touch for more details