PRE-LAUNCH EVENT: Water Policies to Support Investments in Humans and Nature

HR2W, together with co-authors, will be hosting a pre-launch event for our new publications “Water Policies to Support Investments in Humans and Nature: A compilation of Good Practices”, one in the African Region and one for Asia and the Pacific Region. The event will take place at the 10th World Water Forum, Water 4 All Pavilion (Room: PC15) at 17:00h on Monday 20th of May. This event will be hosted in collaboration with the African Development Bank Group, the Asian Development Bank, and the Water Research Commission in South Africa.

The conservation of natural water resources is linked to the provision of drinking water and productive use.  We are under pressure to provide infrastructure development to meet the growing needs of populations in a climate changing world, coupled with the need for higher standards of living to meet the human rights to water and sanitation. We cannot ignore the interconnectedness of the environment in which we live, and the sustainability of water and waste water solutions.

Collectively, we are not reacting quickly enough to solve the lack of drinking water and sanitation for the billions of people that continue to be left behind due to marginalisation and vulnerability. The human rights-based approach (HRBA) is an important part of the solution for reaching all vulnerable groups, helping them to have a voice through a community-based, participative and transparent approach.  The extra accountability for governments and society that comes with this inclusion brings more innovative solutions, higher adoption rates, and greater reach.

This 45 minute event, in the sidelines of the World Water Forum, is designed to provide a platform to pre-launch publications and initiatives on this topic, in the Asia-Pacific and the African Regions.

This pre-launch event will include a presentation and introduction to the human rights-based approach for water and sanitation development by Amanda Loeffen, (CEO, HR2W), followed by examples of good practices from the African and Asia-Pacific Regions by Dr. Jennifer Molwantwa (CEO of Water Research Commission, South Africa), Mr. Andrew Mbiro (Sr Water and Sanitation Officer, AfDB), Satoshi Ishii, (Director, Strategy and Partnerships, Water and Urban Development Sector Group in Asian Development Bank, ADB) and Tanya Huizer (Sr. Water Resilience Specialist, Strategy & Partnerships, Water & Urban Development, ADB). The event will have a section for a Q&A and audience interaction session.

If you are not able to attend the 10th World Water Forum, please send us your information through this link to receive more news on the publications.