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Learning another language is always a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be boring. You can watch videos here about international water law and the human right to water made in simple english, and with transcripts, so that you are able to understand and learn more easily. Human Right 2 Water was invited by the BBC to contribute to this Open University course featuring topics related to international water law. We hope that you enjoy them.


It is one of your most basic needs, but do you have a right to water?

This episode will show how the law protect something we all need.

Two billion people worldwide don’t have access to safe water… how the UN wants to change that by 2030.

And… can you use the law to make sure your community is kept supplied with water?

We all need water. So, you’d expect it to be on any list of our basic rights. So, this might surprise you: … read on for full transcript here


Water. It’s vital for all life. So, who owns it? Some of the answers to that might surprise you. 

We’ll explain how, despite the different ways water is controlled, the law can help you. 

Should companies profit from something we all need? 

And… big trouble: how water ownership nearly brought down a government. 

Can water be owned? It falls from the sky, so should it be free for all? And if we all need it to live, shouldn’t the law make sure that no one can stop us from having it? …read on for full transcript here