We currently have close to 100 members, including institutional and individual members. We welcome experts and organisations that support the progressive realisation of the human rights to water and sanitation and invite you to join our membership.

To become a member of Human Right 2 Water, the individual or organisation must demonstrate specialised knowledge or interest in realising the human rights to water and sanitation. 

Any physical person or legal entity may become a member if they have demonstrated their dedication to the vision and mission of Human Right 2 Water through their commitments or actions.

Membership is open to everyone, at the discretion of the Board, according to the following criteria, and following the guidance included in the organisation’s By-Laws:

Why become a member?

Membership provides the following benefits:

  1. Regular updates on progress in these crucial human rights
  2. Invitations to participate in research programmes, joint projects and webinars
  3. Access to online training courses, such as the Masterclass in Institutional Responsibility (for fee paying members only)
  4. Access to a Global Community of Practice through the membership, with opportunities to be a Country Coordinator
  5. Help us to increase awareness of water quality by setting up a Local Water Forum to monitor the health of your local rivers
  6. Visibility on our website as a member, including the option to share publications on Our Partners Research page and display your organization’s logo in our membership page
  7. Potential to join the Expert Committee to further strategic thinking and advocacy

Institutional Members of Human Right 2 Water

Where are our members from?

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