Year: 2023

IPU – Science for Peace Parliament Meeting

This year’s Science for Peace Parliamentary meeting was held in Quy Nhon, Vietnam from the 11th – 13th of September, 2023, thanks to the hosts at The International Centre for Science and Education The conference focused on water security and insecurity, looking at rebuilding peaceful coexistence with science. Water security has been challenged […]


October 17th to 19th, 2023 HR2W will be participating on the WAPPP Abu Dhabi Public-Private Partnership Forum that is happening at UNCTAD’s World Investment Forum. This event will host international experts from within the WAPPP global network of PPP practitioners, United Nations organisations, national governments, international development financial institutions, and […]

AGUASAN Workshop

HR2W is co-hosting the 37th AGUASAN Workshop from Monday October 9 to Friday October 13, 2023 at the Martigny Boutique-Hôtel (Valais). This workshop is looking to identify challenges, opportunities and solutions related to digitalisation and data management in the water sector. It will be an opportunity for: This workshop is […]

Stockholm World Water Week 2023

HR2W Events HR2W is co-hosting three events with partners, The InterAmerican Development Bank, Nestle, Veolia, and the Water Research Commission, to launch the new publication “Policies for inclusive decision-making in a climate adaptive world” and to promote and discuss the content. A 60-minute presentation of our new publication “Policies for inclusive decision-making in a climate adaptive world”. Where: The Inter-American […]

Global Water Policy Report 2023

This year’s Global Water Policy Report was published in June 2023 with the collaborations of three of our Board Members, Mercedes Castro, Dhesigen Naidoo, and Dr. Olcay Ünver. Read a summary of the report as well as the letter awarding Dr. Olcay Ünver the IWRA Crystal Drop Award.

Water scarcity in Uruguay

The current droughts in Uruguay are creating huge problems for the government to guarantee access to drinkable water for their citizens, and respect the human right to water. On June 19, 2023, Uruguay declared its nation in a hydraulic emergency. They are facing the worst drought in 74 years, with […]

Data for Water-Related Disaster Risk Reduction

The Data for Water-Related Disaster Risk Reduction workshop was held on 13th July via zoom. It attracted around 60 participants from all regions of the world. This interactive event was the third and last of the AGUASAN Workshop e-learning journey, in preparation for the full-week workshop in Martigny this October. […]

The Right Path to the Mainstream

Human Right 2 Water member, Sri Purna Chandra Misra, with Dr. M R Seetharam, published The Right Path to the Mainstream: For Reaching the Unreached. This is a handbook on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation in India, including mechanisms for redressal. The book is a compilation of many […]