UNECE’s Digital Transformation Panel

1st December 2022

Human Right 2 Water participated in the Sixth Session of UNECE’s Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). This panel was designed to spark a conversation between experts on: How can the Public-Private Partnerships lifecycle be improved to deliver PPP projects in support of the SDGS?

The session was moderated by Jean-Patrick Marquet (World Economic Forum). The panelists were Doris Chevalier (Infraboost), Christophe Dossarps (Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation), Gabriele Pasquini (Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Italy), Stacy Sinclair (FIDIC’s Digital Transformation Committee), and CEO of Human Right 2 Water, Amanda Loeffen.

The panel focused on demonstrating the benefits that the digital transformation of PPP projects can have in their lifecycle for sustainability. It opens up opportunities with the use of data, information technology, and other digital approaches. This can even be done at a country or city level as a way to promote the development of sustainable digital ecosystems.

Additionally, the panel highlighted important PPP and infrastructure projects that benefited from digital transformation.

Amanda spoke about the benefits and pitfalls of digital communication when engaging with stakeholders for PPPs. Digital platforms, if used wisely and professionally, can reach a much wider stakeholder base, appealing to different types of communities. It doesn’t avoid the up-front research and investment in understanding the situation and types of stakeholders that are relevant, but it does enable a much more transparent and interactive engagement, that potentially creates greater support and understanding from the community, and ultimately a more sustainable and better designed project, that supports a wider range of SDGs. It is important to note that digital stakeholder platforms or ecosystems are a valuable addition, rather than replacement, to traditional face to face meetings.

Our CEO, Amana Loeffen at the Digital Transformation Panel

You can watch the session’s recording here: