Youth Platform Launch

The importance of engaging young people in the dialogue on human rights to water and sanitation – that was the title of the webinar that we held at the end of 2020. In forming Human Right 2 Water Youth, we have created a platform to bring together global youth networks on water and sanitation, all of whom are committed to these human rights.

The dialogue and engagement between these young people through the webinar and the meetings in preparation, resulted in a signed declaration to confirm the need to involve youth in water governance and respond to the many pressing challenges that the world is facing in water today. 

Human Right 2 Water Youth has been modelled as a platform, based on the series of interviews that were held with the different youth networks.  It was seen as a place to raise awareness of the human rights to water and sanitation and to support youth -led innovation and movements across the globe.

Interviews with SWP

This youth platform serves as a place to foster:

  • Learning and exchange of research
  • Support to youth-led projects
  • Relationships with global partners
  • Visibility for our partners
  • Strategic relationships with larger institutions and actors

One of the highlights this year has been to launch the HR2W Youth interview series, which started with the interview of our partners from the Swiss Water Partnership Youth – the clip from this interview is available here. Forthcoming interviews with other partners will be used to help them to gain visibility through social media to share their good practices.