The Importance of Engaging Young People in the Dialogue on Water and Human Rights

Webinar 7th October 2020, 16:00h-17:30h CET (09:00h Mexico, 22:00h Malaysia)

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According to UNESCO, people under the age of 30 accounted for more than half of the world’s population in 2012. With the drive and passion that the youth possess, they have the capability to play a fundamental role in societal change and contributing to the realisation of the human rights to water and sanitation worldwide. Empowering young people and providing them with access to decision making platforms remains a serious challenge preventing them from successfully achieving their full potential.

In an era of constant technological change and new platforms of communication, the ability to adapt and to innovate are qualities that the youth can offer to respond to the worst effects of climate change and global pandemics on the most marginalised communities. Young people can make a difference at several levels, from using advocacy and raising awareness to supporting innovative solutions and collecting funds through pledges and campaigns.

This webinar will reflect on the importance of engaging young people in this dialogue on water and human rights. Based on the experiences of our panellists, we will be exploring the ways in which the involvement of young people in water related projects has been beneficial in promoting and protecting human rights. We will be presenting a series of case studies that will also help to gain an understanding of the main challenges faced by young people as they strive to play a role in the decision-making processes.

A declaration reflecting our commitment to involve the youth in water governance and to respond to the most pressing challenges that we are facing today will be included as part of the webinar. This declaration will act as a starting point for future endeavours of the community of young people brought together by this event.