The Team

The Team at Human Right 2 Water reports to the executive body (The Board) through the Chief Executive Officer. Her immediate team includes legal and communication experts, and a peripatetic team of experts in human rights, international water law and water governance, according to current programmes. The structure encourages the involvement of members of the organisation, who are selected as experts in their own rights, and involves members through the Expert Committee and various project and communication activities.

Amanda Loeffen, CEO

Amanda is CEO of Human Right 2 Water, and an experienced general manager and business development executive in water, energy and sustainable development, working on projects in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia, plus leading research in water and environmental law. Her goal is to provide sustainable solutions based on human rights to improve water governance worldwide. Previously as Director General of WaterLex, she led a team of water governance experts to encourage law and policy reform. Current research projects include a global study on Resilience to Climate Emergencies, the link between the healthy environment and water, and the development of Human Rights Indicators. She leads the UNECE People-First PPP Stakeholder Engagement subgroup to realise benchmarks for developing human rights-based approaches, and she is currently on the steering committee of AGUASAN, the Water and Climate Coalition, and the Strategic Advisory Committee of the World Water Quality Alliance. Previously, as CEO of a project management company in New Zealand, Amanda delivered environmental resource consent with stakeholder engagement for a community water infrastructure scheme for irrigation and hydro-generation.  

Imanol Aguilera, Legal Expert

Imanol Aguilera is a Spanish and Uruguayan professional born and raised in the Geneva Region. He is a legal researcher specialised in International Water Law and Human Rights. Having Worked at Waterlex, he is now part of the Human Right 2 Water team. He holds a Bachelor in International Relations and Development (University of Sussex, UK) and a masters in International Environmental Law and Sustainable Development (SOAS University, UK). He also pursued his legal studies by completing a Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP University in London, Waterloo. Through his academic and professional experiences, Imanol has developed extensive skills in the areas of human rights advocacy, legal research and mapping, and capacity building related to water governance and human rights.

Isabella Cubillo, Communications Officer

Isabella is originally from Costa Rica where she got her degree in Political Science at the University of Costa Rica. Her roots and passion for environmental and social justice have inspired Isabella to work for international organizations. She has previously volunteered for CISV International and also worked as a knowledge management intern at the San Jose Regional Office of the International Organization for Migration. She initially joined Human Right 2 Water as a volunteer and after a period with IOM, has rejoined as our Communications Officer. Isabella brings communication and research skills to our project teams, in addition to being responsible for managing our website and social media where she hopes to continue developing the HR2W network to reach a wider audience.


Noémie Plumier, Legal Researcher

Noémie Plumier is French and Canadian with Spanish roots. She graduated in 2020, with a Master’s Degree in International Public Law and Political Sciences, specializing in International Relations (University of Clermont-Ferrand, France).  During the pandemic, she decided to specialize in International Environmental Law (University of Limoges, France) and graduated in 2022. For several years, Noémie volunteered in WASH, Human Rights, and Cooperation Development projects in Ghana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Uganda. . She has extensive knowledge of how the climate crisis is affecting the natural world, particularly from the perspective of water-related issues. In 2021, she joined the World Youth Parliament for Water as Strategic Partnership Facilitator, where she is one of the co-coordinators in the UN-Water Task Force on the World Water and Toilet Day Campaigns in 2023: accelerating change.  Noémie is now a valuable contributor to the legal research programmes in HR2W.