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Welcome to Human Right 2 Water Youth!

Our goal is to bring together a diverse variety of global youth networks working in water and sanitation, all of whom are seeking to achieve the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation. Here, we provide them with a platform that works as a space to share their ideas, their work and their projects as well as keep up to date with the work of other networks.

Young team members from Human Right 2 Water Youth hosted a webinar in October 2020, highlighting the importance of involving young people in the dialogue on water. The result of this engagement was this signed declaration reflecting our commitment to involve youth in water governance and responding to the most pressing challenges that we are facing today. It is beholden to us, the world’s future leaders in water and sanitation, to find solutions for these challenges.

Read more about the need to raise awareness, and innovative ideas for the protection of all marginalised people, especially indigenous peoples and women, through inclusion, education and participation.

“Young People are the real change-makers.” Muhammad Wasif Bashir Babar, Founder and President of Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water, talks about the need for intergenerational platforms of dialogue so that youth can have an impact in the Human Rights to water in our webinar.

Young people are not THE solution to the human right to water, we are part of a larger solution.” Swiss Water Partnership Youth‘s Coordinator, Abishek Narayan explains in our webinar how their youth network provide the right enabling environment for young people to contribute effectively.

South Africa has a very large disparity between the rich and the poor, and we still have around 8 million people without safe access to water and sanitation.” Ashton Busani Mpofu National Lead of the South African Young Water Professionals provides us with an insight into the South African context, notably on issues of water access and inequalities. Watch the webinar here.

In Mexico, there is an adult-centred paradigm in public policy and governmental spaces, and often young people are excluded from the process.” Cuauhtémoc Osorno Córdova shares an overview of the multifaceted challenges surrounding water governance through his work with World Youth Parliament for Water in our webinar.

Young Water Fellowship provides training, mentorship and seed funding to young people who have impactful ideas but are missing resources to implement them.” Co-founder and director of Young Water Solutions, Antonella Vagliente talks about her intentions behind founding this youth network and describes the projects that they are working on. Watch the webinar here.

Did you know, that if you are a student, or under 30, you can become an associate member of Human Right 2 Water? See our membership page. Also, if you are part of a youth network, and working on water and sanitation solutions, and it is not listed on this page, then please get in touch with us at