Expert Committee

Michel Jarraud, Chair of the Expert Committee[1]

The Human Right 2 Water Expert Committee is an official body set up by the Board of Human Right 2 Water (HR2W). Chaired by Michel Jarraud, emeritus Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organisation, this committee is comprised of expert members of HR2W with a high-profile academic background related to water governance issues and appointed by the Board.

The objective of the Expert Committee is to elevate the standing of the human rights to water and sanitation. It will achieve this through technical concept papers and key statements to global meetings to expedite the realisation of these human rights and the Sustainable Development Goal 6 on water. It has a deep understanding of the developments in academic thinking and the challenges in water and sanitation governance.

The key outputs from the Expert Committee will be to provide high-level technical input and expertise for HR2W strategic initiatives and programmes; discussion of new trends and challenges; dissemination of ideas and visibility of these crucial human rights; and additional resources and networking at global key meetings to provide a platform for this work.

[1] Mr Jarraud was appointed as Secretary General of the World Meteorological Congress from 2004 until 2016. In 2012 he also assumed the Chair of UN-Water, the inter-agency mechanism that coordinates and strengthens the work of United Nations organizations and programmes on all issues relating to fresh water. Initially qualified as a scientist and a meteorologist, and before joining the WMO Secretariat as Deputy Secretary-General in January 1995, Mr Jarraud served many years in the internationally renowned European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and with the French National Meteorological Service, Météo-France.