World Environment Day

Today, 5th of June, we celebrate World Environment Day! In recent years, awareness of the connections between human rights and the environment has significantly risen. In October 2021, through the adoption of Resolution 48/13 (A/HRC/RES/48/13), the Human Rights Council first recognized the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable […]

Quality and Safety of Water in Costa Rica

“Every person has the basic and undeniable human right of access to drinking water as a good that is essential for life… its use, protection, sustainability, conservation, and management will be governed by the provisions of the law”. The right to water and a healthy environment are established as human […]

Water Pollution Control in Honduras

Pollution control is obviously regarded as an important issue in Honduras, as reflected in the legal provisions found to control the quality and safety of the water resources, the management of waste water, and the quality of drinking water. Despite the fact that it does not fully recognise the human […]

Water Sustainability in Guatemala

Guatemala’s Constitution provides for the preservation of the environment and natural resources through the establishment of national parks and reserves, and the regulated exploitation of plant and animal life, land, and water. The country has invested significant efforts when it comes to certain aspects of guaranteeing the right to a […]

El Salvador’s Water Regulation Mechanisms

Individuals have the right to be informed, in a clear, sufficient, and timely manner, of any policies that impact the environment and the health and quality of life of the public. El Salvador scored well on aspects of the legal assessment developed by HR2W to determine how the human rights […]

Groundwater and the right to a healthy environment

UN-Water Groundwater Summit, UNESCO Paris, 6th December 2022, Side Event  Groundwater and the right to a healthy environment: improving water security in humanitarian crises  Groundwater is central to the right to a healthy environment and the right to clean drinking water, but the understanding of groundwater resources is often overlooked […]

Chad: Country Assessment

Affordability to water as a human right is recognised in the national legal framework in Chad. This was discovered in the legal assessment conducted by Human Right 2 Water to determine how the human rights to water and sanitation (HRWS) and the human right to a clean and healthy environment […]