Stakeholder Participation in PPPs at the 8th UNECE International PPP Forum

The Stakeholder Participation in PPPs session at the 8th UNECE International PPP Forum in Istanbul, Turkey held on May 8th brought together experts and practitioners to explore the pivotal role of engagement in driving sustainable development through public-private partnerships (PPPs). Stakeholder engagement in PPPs is integral to achieving SDGs, promoting inclusivity and sustainable well-being. UNECE’s drafting team is developing a guide to enhance stakeholder engagement, incorporating case studies and policy recommendations, supported by HR2W. The session aims to identify key elements for the guide, highlighting UNECE’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and addressing challenges in achieving SDGs.

The panelists delved into crucial questions surrounding stakeholder engagement in PPPs, offering valuable insights and recommendations:

  • Understanding Stakeholder Engagement: Ms. Amanda Loeffen, HR2W’s CEO, highlighted the essence of stakeholder engagement in PPPs, emphasizing its role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Optimizing Participation: Ms. Helga Van Peer and Ms. Sladjana Sredojevic shared strategies for maximizing stakeholder participation and integrating it into PPP project preparation, fostering inclusivity and ownership.
  • Key Areas for UNECE Guide: Mr. Felix Dodds and Mr. Dragutin Nenezić outlined essential aspects to be covered in the forthcoming UNECE guide on stakeholder engagement in PPPs, emphasizing the need for comprehensive frameworks and best practices.