AGUASAN Workshop

HR2W is co-hosting the 37th AGUASAN Workshop from Monday October 9 to Friday October 13, 2023 at the Martigny Boutique-Hôtel (Valais). This workshop is looking to identify challenges, opportunities and solutions related to digitalisation and data management in the water sector. It will be an opportunity for:

  • Professional networking: participants build relationships with other professionals both in the water sector, digitalisation realm and in other related fields, and learning whom to approach.
  • Learning from experiences: collecting and displaying successes and failures, wisdom and skills, concepts, and tools, etc. so that the participants can (better) apply them in their daily business.
  • Broadening the evidence base: locating, capturing, refining, validating, and transforming know-ledge for its use, typically related to new developments and how these can be taken up.
  • Developing ideas, strategies actionable solutions and recommendations of practical use: generic, context related, case specific, problem-oriented, etc.

This workshop is a follow up to the e-learning journey held early this year through webinars. If you missed the content of our webinars, you can find information available here: Citizen Science and Digitalisation for Water Quality Webinar and Data for Water-Related Disaster Risk Reduction

Citizen Science in Action
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