An Interview with our CEO

“Human Right 2 Water believes the key is in international law. Our NPO (not-for-profit organisation) uses international law at a local level, identifying the most vulnerable people and then drafting a pathway for reaching them through advocacy, and integration of simplified policy implementation.”

Smart Water Magazine interviewed our CEO, Amanda Loeffen, to add a touch of sustainability to their bimonthly issue. The issue was published in April 2023 featuring Amanda and other influential water experts. Amanda was able to highlight through the interview the work and the values of the organization.

Amanda talks about her career path and her role as CEO of HR2W. She talked about her work in New Zealand and Europe which has allowed her to work in different businesses and not-for-profits. “The key is applying a human rights-based approach”. Amanda was also asked to explain the work of the organization and the step-by-step process that we follow to understand the root causes of problems when it comes to access to water and sanitation in communities around the world.

Amanda also highlighted the importance of water governance, policy and sustainable management. She explains the effects of overlooking water and sanitation when it comes to climate change commitments and efforts. Furthermore, she gives insight on what countries and businesses should be doing in order to collaboratively work towards water and sanitation security and sustainability. Lastly, Amanda was able to highlight some of our recent advocacy activities such as our participation at the UN Water Conference, the UNECE PPP and SDG initiative, and our work with the World Water Quality Alliance.

If you wish to read the whole issue you can read it on this link – Amanda is featured on pages 98-101.