World Water Day

More than 1/4 of the world’s population still doesn’t have access to drinking water. This year we are celebrating World Water Day with the first UN Water Conference in 46 years. Today was a day filled with activities and initiatives to promote the importance of water protection and conservation.

2023’s #WaterActionAgenda is all about commitments. As individuals, there is so much more that we can do to protect the water and the environment. These efforts can vary from reusing water, advocating water conservation methods, saving water, using water-efficient toilet systems, and many others. We asked individuals from the HR2W community to tell us their personal commitments (see the video on the right), and their responses varied according to their interests. From advocating better water governance to local water cleanups, they all intend to do their part to help protect our water resources.

Noèmie Plumier, Legal Analyst of HR2W, spoke at the SDG Media Zone of the UN Water Conference about her commitment “build pressure on elected representatives so that they can improve the water and sanitation agenda at home and around the world”. She emphasized the importance of involving the youth not only so that they can learn and strengthen their capacities, but also because they are the ones that can best demand accountability to truly advance forward in this agenda.

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HR2W community – Personal Commitments for WWD

Interview with Olcay Unver for WWD

As an organization, Human Right 2 Water has submitted its institutional commitmentStrengthening laws to uphold the human rights to water and sanitation” to the Water Action Agenda. The goal is to encourage accountability and provide roadmaps for integrating human rights indicators into monitoring systems at local levels, thus providing information on the needs of vulnerable people.

Our CEO, Amanda Loeffen interviewed HR2W board member, Olcay Unver in New York about the commitments the Water Policy Group submitted to the agenda. They have agreed to the following:

  • A Global Water Leaders Survey
  • Water Policy Scaffolding: national reform of water governance systems
  • Mainstreaming water in all UN programmes and activities

See more about our commitment as an organization: link.

Submit your own commitment to the Water Action Agenda here.