Panamá Legal Mapping

Panamá Legal Mapping now included

Panamá is the latest country to be added to the Human Right 2 Water (HR2W) library. HR2W has developed tools to analyse the legal framework of a country from a human rights perspective and establish how and whether the elements of the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation (HRWS) * have been included in their national law. This analysis provides an opportunity to hold dialogue with national actors and support the practical implementation to further the fulfilment of HRWS.

The analysis starts with the international legal framework. We review when and if treaties related to HRWS have been signed or ratified by the country, and if these rights have been included in the Constitution. Secondly we review all the associated laws related to water and sanitation, those that are directly or indirectly linked to water law such as laws in urban planning law, education, health standards, or emergency decrees. The entire legal framework has valuable information that is included in the analysis. 

Furthermore, we study the administrative procedures for complaints, and the judicial processes, for their accessibility to minority groups. This determines how vulnerable populations are considered. Similarly, we review the human rights institutions and its functions.

Each National Legal Mapping provides an in-depth study for us to appreciate the mechanisms available for the implementation of the HRWS, the level of inclusion that the guiding principles have in law and the obligations of the State. These mappings provide the foundation for all of our projects where we are working to improve resilience to emergencies (climate or health), monitor progress in the fulfilment of human rights, support recommendations to local governments and authorities, and provide capacity building programmes.

On our website you can find more than 25 different country mappings from countries in four continents.