“Para Todos, Por Siempre” Initiative brings Clean and Sustainable Water and Sanitation to Honduras

Although Article 145 of the Constitution of the Republic of Honduras expressly recognizes the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation, there are many people in Honduras who still do not have sustainable access to these services.

Driven by this serious problem, the “Para Todos, Por Siempre” initiative emerged in 2013 with the vision of developing and systematizing innovative approaches that would allow for sustainable drinking water and sanitation services to be shared and adopted by the Central Government, and thus put into action around the country.

Experts from Human Right 2 Water met with “Para Todos, Por Siempre” two years ago during a HRWS training to Tegucigalpa, and since then, we have followed closely in their footsteps. Now, we proudly join their movement and we hope to support them to fulfil their mission.

Read more about our collaboration in this article by “Para Todos, Por Siempre”.